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0:00 Intro
2:10 List Criteria And Honorable Mentions
4:55 Fifth Place: Polkadot & Kusama
7:27 Fourth Place: Chia Network
9:19 Third Place: Algorand
11:24 Second Place: Flow
13:16 First Place: Solana
15:47 Conclusion


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► Andreesen Horowitz Record Crypto Fund:
► Polkadot & Kusama 30M Raise:
► Chia 61M Raise:
► Algorand 100M Raise:
► Flow 305M Raise:
►Solana 314M Raise:


📃List Criteria And Honorable Mentions📃

For starters, I only collected data about the money cryptocurrency projects have raised since the start of the year. I also excluded any projects that don’t have their own coins or tokens (and stablecoins)

Notable crypto raises include Taxbit’s 100 million dollar raise, Bitgo’s 250 million dollar raise,’s 300 million dollar raise, and BlockFi’s 350 million dollar raise

🐦Fifth Place: Polkadot & Kusama🐦

Because Kusama is Polkadot’s living testnet, parachain slot auctions are being run on Kusama first before they begin on Polkadot, and most Polkadot projects will first be launching on Kusama

As you might have guessed, these parachain slot auctions is what has attracted VC money to Polkadot and Kusama. Both projects have raised between 30 to 150 million dollars since the start of the year

🍃Fourth Place: Chia Network🍃

Chia’s consensus mechanism is apparently quite taxing on hard drives, with most of them becoming unusable for Chia mining after just a few weeks

This is why I’m a bit surprised that Chia managed to raise over 60 million dollars in May, but it might have something to do with Bram wanting to take Chia’s parent company public

👨‍🏫Third Place: Algorand👨‍🏫

Given Silvio Micali’s strong connections to public and private institutions in the United States, Algorand has positioned itself as one of the prime candidates for a US central bank digital currency contract

I reckon this is a part of why the Algorand Foundation received 100 million dollars last month to fund projects building on the Algorand blockchain

🌊Second Place: Flow🌊

Flow’s own NBA top shots has been an incredible success, recently crossing the 1 million user mark and bagging over 700 million dollars in NFT sales since its launch

In March this year, Dapper Labs received 305 million dollars from more than two dozen VC firms, dozens of professional athletes, and even a handful of basketball obsessed musicians

☀First Place: Solana☀

Solana is known for being the fastest cryptocurrency on the market. It can process over 65 thousand transaction per second, which puts it on par with payment processors such as Visa

Here’s a quick rundown of Solana’s funding rounds. 6 million in March. 40 million in March. 60 million in May. 100 million in May. And 315 million in June. Grand total, 521 million dollars.


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