The Science of Betfair Trading: How In-Play Traders Win So Frequently

Betfair trading is a great way of profiting from your knowledge of a sport.

Pre-event and in-play are two distinct periods in a sports betting event. Inplay is very popular nowadays, especially amongst people who want to sell you something.

This is because it’s easy to win in an in-play market.

Of course, everybody wants to win regularly and make a huge profit in the long term. But in order to do that you need an edge.

Without an edge, you could win regularly, but it won’t be risk free or profit in the long run. It could be that you are just using a high strike rate strategy.

In this video we explore this whole concept to understand why in-play trading can produce very high strike rates and how you would have a strategy that wins very often.

But also, we discuss what you need to do to profit, whatever your strike. It just boils down to a few key things.

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