The key to successful trading is to get rich SLOWLY!

It’s easy to latch onto the latest and greatest, high win percentage, guaranteed, risk-free, second income Betfair trading strategy.

Unfortunately, most of these approaches are false and real trading is completely different.

It doesn’t involve some amazing strategy that nobody has thought of before, it tends to be a slow and steady progression of decent risk-taking.

Trying to avoid losses, setting up sensible entry points and trying to stack things in your favour is the key to long term profitability.

You will win and lose regularly, but remain focused on your long term objective.

For this video, I funded a secondary account with £300 and traded it alongside my main account when I could.

This video discusses the results on that account and how I managed to turn £300 into £1300 in just sort of four weeks.

If you want to view the ‘trading expectancy video’ here it is –

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