The amazing £23m Christmas sports betting error. How did Betfair blunder?

On December the 28th 2011, we saw a sports betting error of enormous proportions on Betfair.

Betfair exchange users watched in astonishment when somebody offered up over £20m at odds at decimal odds of 29.

Not only that, this was still on offer as the horse crossed the line. There was so much money available that only £1.6m of it was matched at the winning horse crossed the line.

It was the most amazing market ever. But what happened? How did Betfair blunder?

If you want to know the specifics of what happened from a technical perspective, check out my blog post. On it I received an anon comment on the detail of what happened: –

When Betfair gifted punters millions at Christmas

To mark the tenth anniversary of this amazing event. I have re-cut the last video I did on this for the benefit of people who would never have seen the original video or heard about this before.

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