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When I started Betfair tennis trading I needed a way to understand what risk I was taking and how to get a positive expectancy. If you are pursuing any Betfair trading strategies, that’s ultimately the key.

In layman terms, when trading you want to win more than you lose and in order to do that you need to careful pick the right entry and exit point.

So I had to model a Tennis match, I had to work out how the odds move and how much they move when the score changes.

In this video I talk about how I did that and how that dovetails into Betfair trading but also how you can research and use that knowledge in your Betfair trading or to develop a Betfair trading strategy.

Tennis trading is ultimately about understanding where the price could go and what will influence it. Thanks to the wide range of statistics available on Tennis statistics available, that makes your job easier, especially when you can plug those stats right into Tennis trader, Bet Angel’s unique Tennis trading feature.


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