Tennis betting tips | Learn how to predict the winner of a Tennis match

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If you want to learn how betting odds are created by bookmakers. This video will be perfect for you as it shows in detail how to create a set of betting odds for the winner of a Tennis match.

If you are sports betting or picking up some betting tips then you are probably looking for value. If you use these instructions you can compare your modelled odds to the betting odds on offer and see if there is value.

If you are Betfair trading, then you will have come up with some type of Betfair Tennis trading strategy and that will involve open and closing a position and benefiting from the price movement.

Therefore you face the same question, what will the odds be?

To solve the issue, you need to have some idea of what the odds will be and some basis for doing that. So we go into depth here with a simplistic model.

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Key points in this video: –

00:00 – Me playing Tennis!
00:48 – Why do you need a Tennis model?
03:41 – Looking at ATP tour stats
04:51 – Key ATP statistics that we are going to use
05:20 – What is the chance of winning a point on serve?
08:05 – What is the chance of winning a game?
12:20 – Working out the odds for all scenarios and the match
17:20 – My epic Tennis skills

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