Super six | Free football betting to win £250k | What’s the best entry method?

I know everybody knows me as a professional Betfair trader, but this week you will get two videos as this one is at a slight tangent.

Each week I make an entry into the Sky Bet Super 6, why? Well, it’s a free bet, I know my football and I could win £250,000. It’s also a bit of fun. So why not?

If you are into football betting you may already be familiar with this. But if not we give you a quick introduction and then move onto the chances of actually winning the Super six and what an optimal entry process would be.

I hope this is an interesting distraction for you from your day to day Betfair trading and that you will join us on the forum and the Bet Angel forum league on the Super six site.

It’s good fun, a chance to hone your football betting skills use some football statistics and you could net a giant risk-free profit for spending a few minutes submitting your selections each week.

I should point out I am NOT an affiliate and have no commercial relationship with Sky Bet. This is just a bit of fun!

00:55 – Why I have a go at the Super 6 each week
01:52 – Forum thread
02:05 – Why is the Sky Bet Super 6 free?
03:24 – Bet Angel super six league
04:44 – What are the most likely scores in a football match?
07:25 – Working out the chance of six things in a row
09:23 – Differences between, drawn, home wins and optimal entries
11:11 – What is the chance of getting six correct scores correct?
11:55 – Summary

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