I won £30,000 in just one day of betting – Key differences to Betfair trading

Some of the results you can get from a betting strategy can look really impressive. But often they don’t tell the full story.

Winning £30,000 in one day sounds fantastic, but it’s unrealistic to look at it as a profit as all betting strategies only yield a return over a much longer time period. So I only view these sorts of results as a positive day within the over mix of a strategy.

Therefore, in reality I never won that money. It was just pre-paying for some losses further down the line or already accrued on this strategy or elsewhere.

It was very lucky, as it’s rare to not have a losing bet, so its a real outlier on this strategy. But outliers can work in both directions of course!

Compare this with Betfair trading, where the result is outcome-independent. This means that, when you are trading, any result you get drops straight into your account.

This means that while the individual results don’t look as impressive, it’s pure profit and is more impressive and immediate.

In this video, we discuss all aspects of both strategies and how that should influence what you do across both betting and Betfair trading strategies.


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