How to make an income betting on sports | Are hedge funds the answer?

Want to make an income from sports betting? What better strategy could you have than giving your money to an expert and giving them a small cut of your profits in return for you lending them some funds?

For many years it was impossible to make an income betting as you were betting against bookmakers and if you won they didn’t. It was an equitable relationship.

That all changed when betting exchanges came along. Suddenly it was perfectly possible to do long term profitable betting. While it’s better to describe betting for a living as speculation, it was the first time in betting history that you could actually get some sort of an income from betting.

Unlike sportsbooks of the past, you would not be limited, restricted or your account closed on a betting exchange. You could do anything you wanted.

You could also trade on Betting exchanges in the same manner to which traders would work on financial markets.

In short, you could trade the sports betting market just like the stock market.

When this idea caught on, suddenly sports betting hedge funds appeared as well. That is what we are looking at in this video.

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