How to crush your BTTS Football betting and trading with a simple model

If you are into your football betting and Betfair trading you must have seen BTTS, or “both teams to score” betting markets.

These are popular bettings markets as the odds often hover around evens. Bookmakers like nothing better than a market that is effectively a coin toss and offering that heads and tails at odds on!

These are one of the easier markets to solve on football in terms of knowing what the odds should be, or if you have some odds, what those odds are discounting into the market.

In this video, we use some basic data to create a simple model to price a BTTS market.

This is the first step you can take to modelling a football match and then using that knowledge to find value in a betting market.

Whether you are football betting or Betfair trading, it’s a useful trick to have in your book as it will enable you to profit from any inefficiency you see in the market or at least identify what you are looking at when you are about to place a bet or open a trade!

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