How In-play confusion netted a Betfair trader £10,000 in one race!

If there is one piece of advice that is worth heeding when you start betting or trading on Betfair, it’s read the rules!

Market settlement on Betfair is determined by the rules as so to be fair to backers and layers.

But you also find that in each underlying sport there are a set of rules that govern how they are run and settled.

Most of the time things go as planned and nothing special happens, but every now and again the market throws you a curveball and if you are ready for it, you can take advantage.

That is what one Bet Angel customer did when they were doing some in-play Betfair trading on horse racing.

What looked like a normal horse race was transformed by an incident early on in the race at Fontwell.

From that point, chaos ensued and at the end of the race, you could still back the eventual winner way above the traditional 1.01 that a winner of a horse race trades at, when it crosses the line.

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