Full tutorial | Automating your betting & Betfair trading | Bet Angel | Peter Webb

As you may be aware, Bet Angel has extensive Betfair trading automation tools built into it. You can reach these tools via Bet Angel’s Guardian feature.

This video is a comprehensive tutorial on

Bet Angel Guardian is pretty much a piece of software in its own right and works independently of the main Bet Angel interface. So you can use it to do its own thing or you can use it to supplement your existing trading.

It’s really easy to create your own Betfair bot as we have a very active Betfair trading community where you can download and import templates into Bet Angel’s automation feature.

Check out the automation templates on our Betfair trading forum here: –


If you are Tennis trading, football trading or trading on horse racing pre-off or inplay we have a range of template that you can use or modify for your own use.

If you are looking for Tennis trading strategies on Betfair then Bet Angel can even include live scores so that you can either trade on them or just search to find a favourite entry point for you.


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