Free money! How to know if you are betting or trading a false market

How you would like some FREE MONEY!

There are often situations like develop on Betting exchanges like Betfair, where the market appears to present you with the opportunity to make some free money.

As will all things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So this video takes a look at how this situation occurs and how you can end up with false betting markets.

The week I recorded this video in 2021, it’s the Shergar Cup at Ascot racecourse.

The Shergar Cup is a unique race for a number of reasons. Its format is different from traditional racing and teams compete to win the cup over the course of all the races on that day.

This means that the settings markets on these races at Ascot are very likely to be false betting and trading markets.

So this video explores that concept in depth to stop you from falling into the same trap that many people have before.

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