Football betting tips | An easy way to predict betting odds on individual markets on Betfair

If you are betting on football or using some sort of Betfair trading strategy, then it’s import to know what odds you are looking at predict.

So if you are interested in predicting football odds in individual markets in a football match, here is a quick and easy way to achieve that.

Not only that, but I’ll also talk you through it and give you a spreadsheet. You can down the spreadsheet from this link: –

I published this spreadsheet quite a few years ago, but somebody came to be with a Betfair football trading strategy that used a link between two football markets to take a position on another.

I explained to him that this wasn’t logical as they were all related and therefore I thought it was time to revisit this concept.

If you wonder how you could use this information then you should probably watch this video as well: –

I also mention another video which you can view here: –

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