What’s The Truth behind the Multi-Account Betting Bet365 Fraud Case?

Join us as we delve into the controversial and groundbreaking case of Jon Howard, a British man sentenced to five years for conspiracy to commit fraud against Bet365 and Santander Bank.


This intriguing story twists and turns involving multi-account betting, ‘gnoming’, and even a mortgage fraud. But is it what it seems?

There has been a lot of interest in this case and speculation about what happened.

I’ve tried to get more information from the Court handling the case, but I couldn’t get a transcript, so I spoke to a Barrister about why that was the case, and he gave me more information about why.

But eventually, a journalist did publish an article giving much more detail about what is alleged to have happened: –


We can only interpret what has happened because of the lack of a transcript. But based on the summary from the journalist who must have spoken to somebody on the case.

This means a more precise picture is emerging, which I have covered in this video.

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