From Betting Rookie to Big Winner: My First Major Betting Win!

In this video, we explore the Littlewoods building in Liverpool, which holds great significance for me.

Littlewoods Company was once the biggest private company in Europe, and it had a sports betting division, which was known for the football pools.

Before the national lottery, this was the only way to put a small amount of money down to win an absolute fortune. I became fascinated by numbers, statistics, and games of chance through my dad’s football pools, and I discovered that I could actually predict which matches were more likely to be drawn.

I used an optimal covering combination to dramatically increase my chances of winning the jackpot and won hundreds of dividends, including a much larger amount, by lining up all of the matches on the coupon in such a way that they were likely to end in a draw.

Unfortunately, the government decided to do a National Lottery, which killed the football pools, and I moved on to bookmakers to try and identify matches that were more likely to end in a draw.

However, as soon as they realised what I was doing, I couldn’t bet anymore in this particular manner, and I got banned from the bookmakers. But, that led me to discover betting exchanges, which I have been successfully trading and betting on for over 20 years now.

Join me in this video to learn more about permutations, combinations, and optimal covering and how they led me to where I am today in the world of betting exchanges.

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00:00 – Liverpool and the significance of the Littlewoods building
00:50 – The Football pools and how they worked
01:44 – Predicting draws in a Football match
02:44 – Entering many tickets in the Football pools / Lottery
04:02 – Using covering combinations to increase my chance of winning
04:57 – What I did to win
05:55 – Football Pools collapse, banned from bookies and Betfair

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