Football Betting | The BIG difference between teams and how to PROFIT from it

Most people think of football betting and trading as something you do on an individual match. But there are plenty of markets that you can bet or trade continuously.

I will trade promotion, winner and relegation football betting markets throughout the season.

These markets can provide a range of opportunities and different times of the season, even before the season has started.

At that point, the market can move if you know the big difference between teams and why that is the case.

As the season progresses, new opportunities occur for similar reasons.

00:00 – We all have dreams!
00:51 – How football changed in the late ’70s
01:55 – Can you buy success?
02:40 – How Manchester City became a top team
03:16 – Which markets should you bet or trade and why
05:50 – Relegation markets
07:06 – Transfer windows
09:49 – Betting and trading markets during the season
11:09 – Summary

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