Betfair Training Course Explained

The training course is personal and individual. It is performed online (through Viber or Skype and a remote desktop software similar to Teamviewer). I am situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. What I am offering is a full and complete sharing of my 14-year successful experience at the Betfair Sports Exchange. Everyone who enrolls for my training course will learn invaluable information and acquire unique skills that will enable him/her to trade professionally at the Betfair Sports Exchange and secure a very good income.

I want to emphasize that this is not gambling, nor has anything to do with gambling! This is a craft, a nice profession …

My system guarantees constant revenue as long as you apply what you have learned and observe discipline when trading. I can show my winnings at a number of Betfair accounts, as well as many profits to assure you that my methods works more than great!

I work mainly with football matches because of the good liquidity and predictability of the movement of the graphs. Tennis markets, horse racing markets, cricket markets etc. offer good liquidity as well.

Before you sign up for my course you must decide whether you really want to do Betfair trading, because it is a very pleasant and wonderful work, but it requires concentration, psyche, quick thinking and dedication.

It is very difficult to find really valuable information on the Internet or anywhere else, so I am offering something truly unique. Very few people have such knowledge!

I use a number of different techniques to win consistently when trading at the Betfair Sports Exchange . The principle of the exchange offers tremendous opportunities as long as you have the know-how I am ready to offer. In order to optimize profit opportunities I am using specialized software that provides a number of advantages in trade. To achieve permanent gains I apply statistical techniques and approaches, using graphics and information provided by the exchange and the software. I am sure the results will surprise you! The speed and accuracy of judgment are of prime importance, because personally I prefer live trading.

To describe it in a few sentences is of course impossible.

You will quickly see that everything I offer is really impressive.

If your interest is serious enough you can call me or contact me via e-mail to discuss it. In case you decide to take this opportunity we will prepare a schedule and go on with the course. You will hardly regret it…


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