Betfair trading | A simple pre-off horse racing trade | Fully explained

Betfair trading is all about having a Betfair trading strategy and then looking for a suitable market in which to deploy that strategy.

All Betfair trading strategies work if you put them into the right market. But if you just do a generic strategy into every market then you will get random results.

In this video I describe a trade I did this week and why I traded it in this specific manner. It’s geared around a trade set-up that I look for often. These occur on a daily basis in the markets, though not all of them result in profitable trades. It’s one of my favourite set-ups.

I use a combination of price action, by looking at charts, and order flow, by looking at the ladder. To give me clues as to where to enter and exit the market.

If you want the ‘base’ version of the Advanced chart that is more accurate than the Betfair charting. Download it on the forum: –

Watch examples of order flow trading and analysis at the Academy: –


I hope you enjoy this video!

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