Trade and invest in cryptocurrencies!!!

I offer professional training on trading cryptocurrencies and investing in crypto projects.

Based on the option selected the training course lasts between 8 hours to about 16 hours within 2-6 weeks (duration is flexible). The course is held individually and has two main options:


  1. BASIC:


– The Basic course lasts about 8 lecture hours within 2-3 weeks. In this version of the training  we are going through the specifics of trading and investing on centralized exchanges, paying particular attention to the largest and most significant exchange in the world, Binance. You will learn how you can earn good income with minimal risk. You will acquire knowledge and skills that will be extremely useful in the field of cryptocurrency trading . You will learn to make correct assessments of trends and sift the valuable information.




– The Advanced course lasts about 16 hours within 4-6 weeks. In this version, the training includes everything from the “Basic” course, but I will add important information about decentralized markets, exchanges and wallets, I will show you specific techniques and tricks. I will show you how to set your wallets for the different networks, how to make transfers and take care of your funds, how to use the decentralized exchanges and so much more.


The course is suitable for all. It doesn`t matter whether you are a complete beginner in the field or somebody familiar with this matter. My course will be beneficial for people with any type of budget and for those who are looking for a livelihood and financial independence.

After the training, you will have invaluable knowledge about the subtleties and specifics of the cryptocurrency world, as well as exceptional know-how. I have no doubt that among the people who join my training there will be some who will achieve their financial dreams.


Training is personal and individual. I have a huge experience acquired on different exchanges. Everyone who enrolls in my course will learn a lot and master unique skills.

It is very difficult to find such valuable information on the Internet or anywhere else, so I am offering something truly unique. Very few people have such knowledge! You will expand your horizons and get a glimpse into the future of the financial world. To describe everything in a few sentences is of course impossible. .

You will quickly be aware that everything I offer is really impressive.

If you feel interested please call me or send me a message. You will hardly regret it…

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