Creating a Betfair lay betting bot on Bet Angel

If you place a lay bet on an exchange you are hoping for a selection to lose.

When you look at horse racing you have an average number of ten runners in a horse race. Excluding photo finishes, only one horse can win a race if you are placing an outright back bet or lay bet.

Therefore, you will get a higher strike rate with a lay bet than you do a back bet.

In this video, I create a simple piece of Betfair Automation on Bet Angel that will identify a horse within a race and lay it to a fixed liability.

Laying a horse gives you a really good chance of winning and by laying to a fixed liability, you limited your exposure on that bet.

With Bet Angel’s automation tool, it’s really easy to set up. Once you have done that you can apply it to a whole day of horse racing with just a couple of clicks each day.

We create quite a simple lay betting bot in this example, but you can create some very complex automation using all the features in Bet Angel.

If you want to download some examples we have already created for you, then visit the forum where we have hundreds of ready-made examples which you can import into your Bet Angel software.

Here is the link to all the automation example rules files: –

If you don’t have a copy of Bet Angel, the best Betfair trading software available. Then visit this link to get a free trial: –


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