Betting strategy | How to win at Royal Ascot, whatever the result – Explained!

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There is only one betting strategy that has been proved to work time and time again.

Betfair trading allows you to profit whoever goes onto win a horse racing, ensuring that you will win regardless of who actually wins the race.

You may think that trading is complex and difficult and that there is some secret or magic that is required to predict the way that prices move. But in fact, there are many things that work and some are really simple to understand.

At Royal Ascot last year we saw one of these perfect moments occur, where it was obvious what was about to happen next and you could easily profit from that foresight.

In this video, we explain in detail a trade from Royal Ascot where we profited relatively easy by just watching what was going on during the races. The key was just watching what was happening at each of the horse races.

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