Betfair trading | What’s the secret to winning large amounts?

In October I managed to earn just short of £30,000 through Betfair trading.

That sounds massive, but there are many factors behind that number. Also, contrary to what you might think or be told, it was achieved using Betfair trading strategies and methods that are well within the reach of everybody.

Some of these approaches are just plain common sense, but all require a bit of practice and to achieve larger numbers, a lot of markets.

When you start you may only be able to trade one strategy effectively but over time you will better and develop more strategies that suit your risk profile and ability.

After 20 years I’ve been able to build up a significant range of strategies and I am well practised. But my overall result is made up of a lot of positives and negatives but played out over thousands of markets. While there are some highs and lows, the average result is relatively small.

In total, I did losing trades of around £10,000 and winning trades of around £40,000 netting the difference between the two.

I’m now in a quieter period so I’m unlikely to hit those numbers the following month. But the way I trade will be very similar, there will just be fewer markets to do it on.

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