Betfair trading | Using pace maps to find profitable in play strategies

When I started Betfair trading on horse racing I focused purely on pre-off trading as that was relatively easy to trade and it was a style of trading I was familiar with.

However, in between races I would often watch the in-play (in-running as it was originally called) markets and slowly but surely learnt how to read a race very well.

I can’t show race reading on YouTube unfortunately but will be producing some content for the

But I can share with you on YouTube what you should be looking at before the start of the race. By understanding how a horse racing is going to be run in play you can get vital information as to where the odds are likely to head.

If you know this, then you can design a Betfair trading strategy around this key piece of information.

Get Pace maps by registering here: –

In-play automation examples free to download: –

3:52 – How will a horse be run during a race?
4:11 – Problems with data mining and past statistics
5:21 – Finding and reading a pace map
6:52 – Understanding a pace map
10:38 – Cheltenham example
12:11 – Bangor example
13:04 – Summary


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