Betfair trading | Two very effective strategies explained

Sometimes people overthink a Betfair trading strategy and are looking for some mechanical reason why the market is behaving the way it is.

However, if you dig a little bit beneath the surface you will often find there is a deeper explanation at hand and once you understand why the market is working that way you can exploit it by acting ahead of the curve.

This also explains why people find it hard to trade on Betfair, especially on horse racing markets.

The sports trading markets tend to throw up opportunities that can be counter-intuitive at times appear to be the opposite of what you think. But often, most of this behaviour can be attributed to good old human nature.

That is the basis on what we talk about in this video and how, when Betfair trading or even in financial markets, it can present tow very effective Betfair trading strategies.

You could also classify this video under the general ‘Psychology of trading’ genre as, essentially, that is the root of these two types of trade.

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