Betfair trading | Trading order flow on pre-off Horse racing markets

When I first started trading on horse racing markets, I knew nothing about horse racing. But I managed to profit from them anyhow by trading order flow.

Trading price action or order flow is a familiar concept in financial markets, where short term traders profit from small price movements in financial assets.

You can do the same thing on Betfair by laying at a lower price than you back at. But in order to do that, you need to pick a direction in which prices will trend. Trading order flow may seem unusual, but it’s a highly effective Betfair trading strategy when you have had a bit of practice.

Trading order flow is about finding a trend, small or large and being slightly ahead of the market in order to get your opening and closing trades in at an advantageous price.

In this example, Peter Webb is your tutor as you hear him using Bet Angel to teach somebody to take advantage of a short term price move in a market.

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