Betfair trading | Trading doesn’t need to be scary, here is why….

It’s quite common when you start out with any form of trading to experience a moment where you think the market is just set up to take money from you.

I experienced this when I first traded on financial markets. It seemed every I did was wrong and it felt impossible.

This was where I got a bit lucky as having experienced this, when I started Betfair trading I already had been through that experience. This meant I didn’t need to repeat these mistakes again. But I often see people make the same mistakes.

One way for me to learn how the market behaves was to trade randomly using Automation. This allowed me to see how it moved and how this behaviour could actually work in my favour. It also describes where people go wrong.

So in this video, we explore why, even if you trade without skill. You shouldn’t lose much money and how you can use that in your favour to reach profitability.

We mention markets in this video. You can learn how to use these on Bet Angel by watching this video: –

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