Betfair trading software | Bet Angel | Ladder ‘markers’

If you use Betfair trading software – Bet Angel professional version 1.55 or above, you can now put ‘markers’ on your ladder.

This innovative feature allows you to manually place markets, point and click to place them using a servant or to use automation to highlight key trading points right in front of your eyes.

To download the very latest version of Bet Angel and read about the latest features, read the forum thread: –

Read more about them here: –

Key trading points, automatically or with a click!

The VWAP example we include in this video is listed on the forum here:

The key concept is to allow you to put visual information right in front of your eyes that will help you trade much more effectively.

Rather than looking around the screen for additional information, get Bet Angel to collect and display it on the ladder so you can focus on your Betfair trading.

This video discusses, in-depth, the concept of markers on your Ladder and how you can configure and use them to aid your favoured Betfair trading strategy.

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