Betfair trading | Here is the key to how to be successful at sports trading

Betfair trading is all about getting a positive trading expectancy, as is traditional sports betting.

You need to balance out your profits and losses, look for patterns within the market that you can replicate on a regular basis. Slowly tweaking your ability within the market to tip the various factors in your favour.

Right from day one of my sports trading career, I’ve approached each market in exactly the same way.

I look at the market, get an understanding of what drives the odds, where they are likely to go and what the high and low points are. I then trade inside that range.

It doesn’t mean that I’m instantly profitable, but it does mean that I can understand how I can become profitable. All I need to do, is tweak a few things and that’s enough to be profitable.

So in this video I show you how you would do that on a variety of sports trading markets.

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