Betfair trading for a living | How sceptics can be your greatest edge

Betfair trading for a living is something that lots of people aspire too.

After all, how many people would love to watch and be betting on sports for a living? It sounds like an ideal lifestyle!

The reality of doing this for a living is a little less glamorous than how it’s often positioned. It often involves working just as hard as you would do with a ‘normal’ job, but without any security.

But over the last 20 years, that is exactly what I have done. I was trading before anybody else, went full time when I had a good career and had to invent trading software to be able to do what I wanted.

When I spotted the opportunity of sports trading I knew exactly what I was looking at and I pioneered the concept of trading the sports market on betting exchanges, the same way you would trade on financial markets.

But the story of how I started that and what happened next is often lost in common scepticism & misinformation, put forward for many reasons.

But my path through the markets has been deliberate, carefully planned and documented. Despite that, from the very start to 20 years later. People would prefer that my story is somewhat different.

At first, this really would drive me mad, but ultimately I came to terms with it when I realised it actually led me into a whole new arena that made me even more effective in the markets.

I thought it was worth sharing that experience with you, so you can take some inspiration in whatever you are doing. Whether it’s Betfair trading or some other path.

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