Betfair trading and travelling – How it’s changed

All sports beat to a certain cycle and that presents problems and opportunities. If you are Betfair trading then it makes sense to plan things around your schedule.

As my main focus is horse racing the summer is peak season for me and winter is time to take it easier.

So I tend to holiday in the winter. But I will also move around a bit in the summer. But it’s not always been that easy as, when I first started trading, it was like planning a military operation.With modern technology this has got a lot easier, so it’s much easier to work remotely so I travel much more now.

This video explores a number of videos I’ve produced on trading remotely while travelling and how that’s changed over the years.

It’s important to remember this isn’t a lifestyle choice. You have to learn to trade effectively first, then you can start taking advantage of moving around a bit.


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