Peter Webb – Betfair trading – Unlocking a complex market problem

You may want to check your locks after this video!

I often consider myself a creative problem solver than a risk taker. I essentially looking in the markets for problems, even complex ones, then try to simplify the task to something that is much more achievable.

I’ve been thinking of ways of explaining this but the answer came to me on my regular trip to the gym, where I often have to wait for the bikes to be unlocked.

Despite there being 10,000 possible combinations I was able to solve the combination of the lock without force simply by observing the ‘lock combination market’.

You can do the same when you look at the Betfair trading market.

People accidentally insert biases and this causes them to show their hand, whatever you are looking at. Whether it’s a financial market, a betfair / sports market or a shed full of bikes.


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