Peter Webb – Bet Angel – How to be a ‘millionaire’ Betfair trader

One advantage of sports markets on betfair is that you can turnover spectacular amounts with relatively small banks.

Trading on Betfair allows you to ‘leverage’ your stake and bank because of the quantity of markets that are available and the process of instant settlement. This process allows you to recycle your money through the market at high frequency.

Because of this characteristic, even with a tiny bank, you can put many, many, many millions through the market over the course of the year. If you can do that with a positive expectancy of any amount your bank will multiply quite rapidly.

To reach ‘millionaire’ status quite quickly you just have to focus on trading enough markets in the right way. Do that and you will have staked millions.

bet angel has a number of tools available to aid you specifically in the process of trading and managing multi positions in multiple markets.

You must focus on your expectancy first though. There isn’t much point in turning over millions if you can’t do it at break-even or profitably. Never forgot that!


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