Matchbook Trader Panel – Matchbook Traders Conference 2018 – Full version

Here is the full unedited version of the panel, though it is slightly lower quality than the other version I have which you can find here: –

Check out the slightly shorter edited version, which I top and tailed to make it more entertaining.

I enjoyed the event, but I think it would have been more interesting to do an independent presentation and fielding questions about my own trading experience TBH. That would have given more insight into things.

I often think that panels dilute things a bit and often questions are often too generic. I say that because you don’t really get any clue here on the difference in scale and scope between me and others at the conference, not just this panel. John did ask a decent turnover question though!

I feel that these events are a great opportunity to ask deeper questions and get some real insight, which I’m happy to provide.

Lots of people approached me afterwards and I was happy to answer some of those deeper questions.

Maybe there is scope to do more focused events? betfair


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