Day Trading on Betfair: What’s it Like? (3 Pointers)

Is day trading something you aspire to do? In this Q & A Caan addresses a followers question about day trading on Betfair and the top 3 pointers he can offer as advice for somebody who wishes to follow a similar path.

Day trading sports odds isn’t quite like other financial types of trading. All are intense without a doubt, but trading the price of your chosen sport is likely to behave differently.

To achieve success you’ll need to get a few core points in check. Covered in this day trading video you will hear Caan talk about things like learning, personal outlook and overall perception. But it’s deeper than that, be sure to watch it all…

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Caan Berry is a successful Betfair trader featured by Betfair, matchbook, and Betdaq. Specialising in horse racing, tennis on the sports exchange market.
Make sure to stay tuned for Caan’s latest videos on how to trade on the sports exchange market.

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