Betfair trading – When is the best time to trade on Horse Racing?

There are good and bad times to trade on Betfair. When trading horse racing on Betfair these moments are really clearly defined.

The structure of a horse race means that the horses are often travelling early in the morning to a race track and most punters will not see them till they are out of the horse box and into the stables.

Half an hour before a race you may get your first glance at the sure thing you’ve remortgaged the house for. At that point, you can make a decision about whether your family is about to leave you or not.

So a horse race is dictated by the preliminaries to a large extent. Early in the market is priced by expectation but the real money arrives much closer to the start when people are more confident in their selection.

This can have a huge impact on trading as thin markets can move against you very quickly with little chance of come back. Trying to exit a position safely can be impossible in morning markets, but easy near the off.

Here is a video discussing that concept. Whether you are matched betting, looking for a free bet or betfair trading, this should be useful for you.


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