Betfair football betting & trading : What would have made money this season?

This video goes through where you could have made money during the premier league this season while football betting.

The graph shows whether the teams have performed to expectations or not and I will go through how you can use this to your advantage when trading football markets.

While this may look a little odd to traders at first there is a deeper meaning when you look at things this way.

Say you look at lay the draw, you know that teams that perform well away will contract the draw and therefore should be avoided. Home teams tend to be at shorter prices and therefore if they underperform at home then the draw will also contract more frequently and the opposite is true.

Think of a decent Betfair football trading strategy as an amplified betting strategy. If you can make it pay by betting you can REALLY make it pay by trading the same thing. Betfair trading effectively leverages your underlying strategy.


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