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Here is an unusual but highly effective way to trade tennis on Betfair. It uses a number of components within Bet Angel to maximise your chance of profiting from this particular Betfair trading strategy.

This strategy allows you to carefully define your entry, exit and money management in a really easy to understand process.

This makes it really useful way to trade a Tennis match!

Betfair trading presents a whole range of opportunities depending on what sport you wish to trade. There are a huge variety on a betting exchange.

Tennis trading is a popular activity thanks to its odd scoring system that can make comebacks a regular feature. From a position of dominance, a player can suddenly be struggling to save the match.

When you are Betfair trading this is exactly what you are looking for. Large swings from one player to another.

Bet Angel is Betfair trading software that is perfectly built for Tennis trading. Not only do you have all the standard tools you would expect, like ladder trading and one click screens and so on.

You also have very specialist Tennis trading tools. The Tennis trader tool will allow you to project forward the price so that you can see what would cause the odds on any player to hit a pre-defined target in the market.

Would it be a break up? A set up? Tennis trader will allow you to look ahead and work out where key entry and exit points are in the market.

You can also pull in high-speed streaming scores and display them on a watch list, at the top of your ladder or your one click screen.

Or why not head over to our betfair trading community where you can download ready-made automation to trade on Tennis.


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